Return Policy

How long does it take to return the purchased product? Does this include products that have been installed?

The customer may return the purchased products within 30 days of receipt the product provided that all of the recovered products are complete and in the original packages. All related accessories must be accompanied. All delivered documents in or with the original shipment, such as manuals, usage instructions, etc., must be included. Exceptional case: The installed items can be replaced within 5 days from the date of receipt due to factory defect estimated by the company along with the original invoice

What if the same product is unavailable?

If the same returned item is unavailable in the company storage, the customer shall be entitled either to receive similar or better products as an alternative or s/he shall wait for the supply of the new goods or to receive a financial receipt (receipt) of the full amount of the products.

Linens: The same conditions as for other goods, other than towels, bed sheets and pillows, cannot be replaced or returned for health reasons

What are the shipping mechanisms to return damaged products? And who will be responsible of the shipping expenses in this case?

The Company will be responsible for shipping charges of damaged products.

If the return is necessary as a result of a company’s mistake, is it necessary to return the invoice with the products?

All goods returned to the company must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice that came with the original products or sent by other means

How to recover the value of the returned products?

The Company will issue a check to the customer or transfer the amount to its account within 10 days from the date of return of the products. If the credit card is used in the purchase, it will be returned to the credit card account itself and you may need to show your official ID card with a verification photo.

When will the online requested products be delivered?

After the customer has booked the products on the website, the customer service team will communicate with the customer so that all the information will be confirmed and that there will be no additional costs in case the delivery is made to places inside the cities and the suburbs. After the bank transfer of full amount, the nearest delivery date will be determined by the client service team.

If the order is canceled, when will the amount be refunded?

If the order is canceled, the amount will be paid 10 days after the cancellation request is issued